Happy Birthday RememberRingbox!

Welcome to this beautiful world and nice to meet you. The RememberRingbox was specially designed and invented for those who dream about capturing one of the most beautiful moments in their lives without losing the intimacy with a photographer nearby.

The overwhelming joy and emotion found on the face of your loved one when the special question “Will you marry me?” is proposed, that is the look that we want to capture with the RememberRingbox. It’s that sneak peak into the love for each other; the sincere, unrehearsed and genuine surprise on his or her face. Eternalizing that moment is our ultimate goal, for you to cherish and to keep for the rest of your live.

This is why we call it the RememberRingbox. It is not just a ringbox. And it is not just a camera. It is the special tool that your are using to present the precious ring that you want to give in an elegant manner, to ask a very special question that will seal the love you feel for your partner, and to eternalize this moment for you to keep or to share with friends and family. 

The RememberRingbox is facilitating your special moment by offering a stylish soft suede ringbox with an elegant and timeless design. Next to that, the built-in microphone will preserve the precious words you have for your partner. And last but not least, designed in a modern age, the RememberRingbox features a wireless charging option and a wifi connection to directly connect with your phone, leaving sharing and posting entirely up to your discretion.

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