Our RememberRingbox

The RememberRingbox has a timeless design to accommodate all types of rings, with an elegant stylish soft suede for the ring to become the center of attention. A small little camera will capture one of the most beautiful moments in your life, without losing intimacy. And the built-in microphone preserves the precious words you have for your partner. Designed in a modern age, the RememberRingbox features a wireless charging option and a wifi connection to directly connect with your phone, leaving sharing and posting entirely up to your discretion.


With wide angle lense

Stylish Soft Suede

For an elegant look

Timeless Design

To serve any ring

‘Bring magic to the moment where
your true love will say Yes’

€ 299,-


With clear voice recognition

Wireless Charging

For simplicity and delicacy

WiFi Connection

To keep your memory close