Remember Ringbox, for one of the most beautiful moments in your life!

Remember Ringbox on Dutch TV!

Our ring box with camera on Dutch national television pitching for investment money.

UPDATE: Watch the TV show here:

One of the founders of Remember Ringbox, Maxim van Meeteren, pitched our product and business plan on one of the most popular TV shows in the Netherlands at the moment. In the TV show a group of starting
entrepreneurs get the chance to pitch their company and ideas to five of the most successful businessmen and women of the Netherlands: Michel Perridon, Nikkie Plessen, Won Yip, Shawn Harris and Pieter Schoen.
Together they are worth over 1 billion euros and are willing to invest their own time, knowledge and money in these promising start-ups. The TV show is hosted by none other than Quote Editor-in-chief and Op1 host Sander Schimmelpenninck and is broadcasted on the Dutch television channel NPO1 every Sunday evening. Tension is rising for Remember Ringbox, which will feature in episode 7 on the 31 st of May, as over 1.4 million people have been watching the TV show every week so far.

Our Pitch

With our first prototype and a video of scripted engagement proposals Maxim went into the arena. Passionately Maxim shared the story on how they had come to the idea of Remember Ringbox after witnessing a real time wedding proposal in Amsterdam and highlighting all the features of the ring box; A wide lens camera, a microphone with clear voice recognition, a wireless charger and a Wi-Fi antenna to easily connect
with your smartphone for instant downloading and sharing. The cherry on top of the cake was when Maxim shared the potential of a second business model, using the advantage of knowing who will get married in the future. As you know, Remember Ringbox is not only a product company, but actually changes into a data company by connecting the willing couples with wedding service suppliers to help them arrange for the big day. You think this will be enough to trigger an investment by one of the five investors?

This pitch could change Maxim’s life forever as it would mean that he would have to give up his job and
become a full time entrepreneur. Want to know how it ends? Watch NPO1 on Sunday 31 st of May at 21:25.

Remember Ringbox