Remember Ringbox, for one of the most beautiful moments in your life!

Unboxing the Remember Ringbox!

It may sound pretty self-explanatory but an unboxing is so much more than just opening a box. It’s an experience. As a customer, the experience of opening a bespoke, attractive and innovative package will evoke feelings of being valued and impressed.

At Remember Ringbox we believe that the box should be as good as the product. To ensure our customers feel valued, we provide a quality package that compliments the quality of the ringbox. The customer journey starts with you! First, we want you to feel special when you open the packaging, as it immediately sets the scene. Then, of course, your loved one will feel special when they open the Remember Ringbox and sees the ring. Proposing to the one you love should feel amazing. So why shouldn’t it be the same when opening the Remember Ringbox?

So, what’s inside this beautiful box?

In your hands you will have a smooth soft touch box made of the highest quality materials. The frontview shows our Remember Ringbox logo set in gold. But the best packaging perform as good in looks as they do in functionality. After opening the magnetic lit, the first thing you will notice is a small message underneath. It shows our appreciation and wishing you the best of luck in marriage. A well-formulated manual, fixated in the top cover, contains mostly visual instructions guided with short texts to easily help you get started. Learning how to use a Remember Ringbox should be as easy as a walk in the park.

In the base part of the package you will have a first introduction to the product. After opening the folded wrapping you will see the Remember Ringbox firmly held in the shock resistant foam for safe transportation. Take out the Remember Ringbox and get comfortable with how it looks and feels. We find this step very important, because it determines how we perceive the quality of a product. We want to present the ringbox in a way that invites you to take it out and explore all its functionalities. Take a good look at the camera, feel the fabric and maybe try turning it on with the bottons on the back.

But wait, there is more!

Of course, take your time to get comfortable with your new partner in crime, but don’t forget the last part of this unboxing. Underneath the foam, you will find your USB-C charging cable so you can charge it anywhere you like. If you are going to propose on a remote place, where elektricity is scarce, be sure to take a power bank with you! You don’t want to have an empty battery when you are ready to go down on one knee…

Remember Ringbox