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What does a marriage proposal with a Remember Ringbox look like?

It is the first thing you will think about when you hear about the Remember Ringbox. How will the video of a marriage proposal with the Remember Ringbox look like when you propose? Many people wonder what the final result will be when you use the Remember Ringbox. To give you an idea, we have received a number of examples of people who proposed to their loved ones using the Remember Ringbox.

Beware! The videos can be heartwarming…

The Remember Ringbox includes a 1080p camera with a clear microphone to fully record your speech and your loved one’s reaction. With the built-in WiFi antenna you can directly download your video on your phone with the Remember Ringbox app and share it with your friends and family (if you like). With the USB-C charger you can charge the Remember Ringbox, which allows you then to record continuously for more than 1.5 hours. You don’t have to worry that you will run out of battery! 😉 This long battery life makes it possible to propose to your loved one in a remote place, so no need of a power supply nearby.

Imagine that you are somewhere on top of a mountain or on a boat in the middle of the sea …

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